Operating System
-Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6
-On the main web server
Virtual Host Name Service
-Create a custom URL
Digital Media Streaming Service
-High Definition, Flash Video, and Windows Media formats
Electronic Commerce
-Web based payment system
Standard WWW Server
-Apache 2
Secure WWW Server
Web Page Control
-IU Network ID or set your own controls
Connecting to Server
-ssh2, sftp
-Account access via network drive
Text Editors
-nano, vi, vim, emacs
Transform 3.0
-Forms Processing Utility
Perl 5.10.1
-Scripting Language
-Provide dynamic information
PHP 5.6
-HTML-embedded scripting language.
Python 2.5
-Scripting Language
Java 1.7.0
-Runtime Environment
GCC 4.4.7
-C Language Compiler
Server Side Includes
-Include information automatically
Search Engine
-Search only the pages you specify
MySQL 5.0.83
-Database service available
phpMyAdmin 4.0.5
-Web based interface for administering MySQL databases
Custom Error Pages
-Provide information about a problem