• HNAS Upgrade
    HNAS will be unavailable Sunday, November 9, from 12:01 am to 2:00 am due to scheduled maintenance. This will cause an outage for Webserve, Pages, and WCMS during this time.  <added on October 29, 2013 >
  • CAS 3.5 Upgrade
    IU CAS will be upgrading to the newest version on November 6. All utilizing CAS on their websites should make themselves aware of the changes.  <added on October 28, 2013 >
  • IUAuth Retirement
    IUAuth was retired earlier in October. Users should change their .htaccess files to use CAS Authentication instead.  <added on October 27, 2013 >
  • Central Web Hosting environment maintenance scheduled
    The central web hosting environment will be unavailable on Sunday, October 6, between 12:30am and 2:00am due to scheduled system maintenance.  <added on October 3, 2013 >
  • Webserve Upgrades
    Webserve will be upgraded Sunday September 8th, during the scheduled maintenance window 12:00 am - 8:00 am. Pages will still be served during this time, but the login server will be unavailable. More information can be found here: http://webmaster.iu.edu/upgrade/. <added on September 4, 2013 >
  • UITS Change Freeze
    From August 16 - September 2 New IU web SSL Certs can not be installed on Webserve.  We will also be unable to remove Web accounts during the freeze. <added on August 13, 2013 >
  • Webtest Upgrade
    Webtest will be upgraded 8/6/2013 from 11am to 3pm. NOTE: You may experience downtime on Webtest during this time. http://webmaster.iu.edu/webtest<added on August 5, 2013 >
  • Webserve Upgrade 2013
    UITS is preparing to upgrade the central IU web server and needs you to test your site at http://webmaster.iu.edu/upgrade/<added on March 6, 2013 >
  • Difficulties accessing multiple services due to scheduled maintenance
    Difficulties accessing multiple services due to scheduled maintenance The HNAS (Network Attached Storage) service will be unavailable on Sunday, March 10, from 12:01am to 5:00am due to scheduled maintenance. <added on March 4, 2013 >
  • Webserve Maintenance Scheduled
    Several central web hosting services will be unavailable on Sunday, November 18, from 12:01am to 8:00am due to scheduled system maintenance.<added on November 11, 2012 >
  • Position Available: IU Webmaster Support (Hourly)
    We are seeking an individual to assist the IU Webmaster team in supporting IU's central web server. IU Webmaster provides email and phone support for multi-campus web users on Webserve.<added on November 7, 2012 >
  • Renew Your Agreement
    If you are the owner of a Webserve account, please be sure to read and renew your agreement.<added on October 16, 2012 >
  • Support of Microsoft FAST search will soon end
    To improve search result relevancy, UITS is now supporting Google Custom Search and will soon end support of the existing Microsoft FAST search service.<added on September 10, 2012 >
  • New IU Webmaster Site
    IU Webmaster launched a new website on August 13th which replaced the existing website webmaster.iu.edu<added on August 7, 2012 >
  • IU Search Update - Google Custom Search
    The search team has introduced Google Site Search as an alternative to Microsoft FAST Search which was introduced in April, 2012. Google Custom Search is a free service from Google that lets you search your own Web site using Google. <added on July 31, 2012 >
  • Closed for Independence Day
    We will be closed on Wednesday, July 4. We will be open on Thursday, July 5 as per normal business hours. <added on July 3, 2012 >
  • World IPv6 Launch
    Indiana University will be participating in World IPv6 Launch, joining such renowned web sites as Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Yahoo. We will participate by permanently making http://www.iu.edu content available to IPv6 capable networks, beginning at 8:00 p.m. EDST on June 5th, to coordinate with the official midnight Greenwich Mean Time launch. <added on June 4, 2012 >
  • Safeguarding Data
    As a reminder, data classified as "critical" may *not* be stored using the MySQL Database Service. The only exception to this is non-Network ID passwords (such as local system passwords, like for a WordPress instance). That said, these still must be stored encrypted. <added on May 31, 2012 > 
  • Webserve Maintenance Scheduled
    Several central web hosting services will be unavailable on Sunday, May 13 from 7-8am due to scheduled system maintenance. Systems affected include: WCMS, Webserve, MyPage and Analog web usage reports for webmasters. <added on May 1, 2012 >
  • Webserve Maintenance Scheduled
    Sites hosted on Webserve (www.iu.edu, www.indiana.edu, www.iub.edu, www.iupui.edu, www.iuk.edu, www.iun.edu) and mypage.iu.edu may be unavailable between Saturday, March 10, at 11:30pm and Sunday, March 11, at 1:00am.<added on March 7, 2012 >
  • Weblog Maintenance Scheduled
    Webserve Weblog Reports (http://www-reports.iu.edu) will be unavailable on Sunday, February 26, due to scheduled system maintenance. <added on February 20, 2012 >
  • Central Web Servivce Upgrade
    UITS is preparing to upgrade the operating system on central IU Web hosts from RedHat Linux 4 to RedHat Linux 5. <added on January 19, 2012 >
  • Closed for Thanksgiving Break
    We will be closed on November 24th and November 25th, 2011. We will be open on Monday, November 28 as per normal business hours. <added on November 23, 2011> If you have any questions during this time you may e-mail us.
  • Virtual Host billing - just to let you know.Web virtual host service billing is in process for the 2011-12 fiscal year. If pertinent, please make sure your finance office is aware of the $125.00 annual fee for a virtual host URL. <added on November 10, 2011>
  • Info-share: Web Site Privacy Notice Generator (9/13/11)
    Join fellow IU Webserve publishers for a demonstration of the IU Privacy Notice Generator and discussion of what this policy requires of all IU Web publishers. <added on August 31, 2011>
  • Webinar: Cascade Server 6.10 new features
    Hannon Hill will present a webinar Tuesday August 30, 2-3pm on the latest feature release of Cascade Server 6.10. The webinar will demo the new features in 6.10 and be followed by a Q&A session. <added on August 26, 2011>
  • WCMS Info-share
    This discussion will focus on best practices for indexing and media feeds in Cascade Server, implementing a privacy notice with Site Builder, and customizing the search box included with Site Builder. Scheduled for Thursday, August 11th. <added on August 11, 2011>
  • Streaming Media Maintenance
    IU Streaming media services will be unavailable on Sunday, July 24, from 12:00am to 2:00am due to scheduled system maintenance. <added on July 20, 2011>
  • Security and your Webserve account
    Message from IU Webmaster, We won't: Asking you to divulge your passphrase is a violation of university policy. You should: Remove older verisons when you install software in your Webserve Web space. <added on July 6, 2011>
  • IPv6 Day Notice
    In preparation for adopting a new internet protocol (IP) address scheme which is known as 'IPv6', the Internet Society is sponsoring a "World IPv6 Day". World IPv6 Day will take place on June 8, 2011. <added on June 2, 2011>
  • Webserve, Siteshare, MyPage maintenance scheduled
    Access to Webserve, the IU central web publishing server, along with Siteshare, and MyPage may be briefly unavailable on Sunday, May 8, between 6:00am and 8:00am due to scheduled system maintenance.<added on May 04, 2011>
  • Privacy Notice Announcement
    The University Information Policy Office has developed the Web Site Privacy Notice Generator to help you draft a privacy notice for your web site.<added on April 21, 2011>
  • Retirement of Real/QuickTime Streaming Servers
    UITS will retire the legacy Real Media and QuickTime streaming servers on July 31st 2011. <added on April 12, 2011>
  • IU Web Account Update Requested
    Over the next few months we will be upgrading the OS, Apache, and programming languages; and changing the authentication methods on the IU central web servers. <added on March 23, 2011>
  • Difficulties accessing multiple services due to scheduled maintenance
    The HNAS (Network Attached Storage) service will be unavailable on Sunday, March 13, from 12:00am to 6:00am due to scheduled maintenance. <added on March 3, 2011>
  • Difficulties accessing Webserve via Siteshare
    Users are experiencing difficuilties when attempting to access Webserve via the Siteshare service. This affects access to mapped network drives to Webserve. System administrators are working to restore the service. <added on January 24, 2011>
  • We will be closed on December 24th and December 30th
    We will be open during regular business hours during the holidays except Friday, December 24th and Friday, December 30th in which we will be closed. <added on December 14, 2010>
  • Difficulties accessing some webmaster.iu.edu services
    Update: This issue has been resolved. Users are experiencing difficulties accessing some services via the http://webmaster.iu.edu website. System administrators are working to restore services. <added on December 9, 2010>