Digital media streaming is available to all Webserve account holders (,,,,

If you currently do not have a Webserve account, visit the Web Accounts on Webserve page.

Requests for this service must come from the owner of the account. The server is capable of streaming the latest High Definition (mp4), Flash Video (flv), and Microsoft Windows Media (wmv) formats. To enable streaming media capabilities for your Webserve account, you must add it on the Webserve Account Management System .

You will use your Webserve account as the front-end access to the streaming media server. Once you move into your wwwdm directory, you are accessing the streaming media server. To exit out of your wwwdm directory and return to your root directory on Webserve, at the command prompt type: cd

For more information about streaming media, including hardware and software recommendations and how to create and place content onto the servers, see Digital Media Network Service's documents on Streaming Media .

There is no cost for using streaming service in your Webserve account, however, you may want to read this KB document  about how much space you have on the server.