Webtest is a test server available to all Webserve account owners. It is intended as an environment for you to test and develop web sites and applications prior to moving them into production on Webserve.

Service Level:

Since this is a test environment, any issues that occur after hours will not be attended to until the next business day.


  • You must have an account on Webserve.
  • The account name and passphrase on Webtest will be the same as Webserve.
  • Ownership and contact information will be the same for both the Webserve and Webtest accounts.

Special Notes:

  • Virtual host names are unavailable.
  • No samba service (Siteshare) is available for publishing to Webtest.
  • Publishing to the streaming server (via the wwwdm directory) is unavailable.
  • E-commerce is unavailable.
  • Connections to the MySQL servers are available.
  • Search has been blocked via a robots.txt file.
  • Webtest is not intended for load testing.

Other than as noted above, the same features and programming languages found on Webserve are also available on Webtest. Future upgrades may be installed on Webtest prior to moving them into production on Webserve.

Getting an account on Webtest

To add a Webtest account, login to: 

WebTech Services Management authenticate using your personal username and passphrase

Under "Action", click Add. Select Add again to submit your application for the service.

Accessing Webtest

The Webtest Host Name is: 


The Webtest URL is:


For the secure server, use: